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Top 10 Things to Do In Alicante


People flock to Alicante, Spain each year thanks to its extensive list of things to do and see. If you find yourself in the need of an unforgettable holiday, Alicante is the right destination. Hire a car and head to one (or more) of these top ten destinations.

1 Beaches

Alicante has five popular beaches, all lined with meters of sand and providing views of an endless blue sea. If you’re aching for a bit of sun and surf, you won’t be disappointed.

2 Old Town

El Barrio comes alive at midnight. With a vast array of pubs and night clubs, the Old Town is a great place to meet up with friends for a night out.

3 Castles

Santa Barbara is the most recognizable landmark in the city of Alicante. Standing at a height of over 166 meters, it towers over land and sea. Built atop Tossal hill, the Castillo de San Fernando is an impressive castle in its own right and a popular sightseeing destination.


The Archaeology Museum of Alicante offers an impressive exhibition of archaeological treasures.

5 Las Hogueras de San Juan

Held for several days in June, the festival is one of the best in Spain and the official event of Alicante. Parades during the day and carnivals by night attract visitors from all over the world. Colorful figures of paper and wood line the streets during the festival and are burnt in a giant bonfire on the final night.

6 Fireworks Competition

Held at the end of the Las Hogueras de San Juan festival, the fireworks competition on Postiguet beach is something to behold. Full of color and light, the show dazzles visitors each year.

7 Film Festival

Held in late May, the Alicante Theatre (Teatro Principal) hosts the event which is also held, in part, at various other cinemas in the city.

8 Medieval Market

The last week of June sees a bit of the medieval in the Old Town. From street music to food to gypsy witches to the selling of traditional wares, the market leaves guests feeling like they’ve stepped into the past; if only for a night.

9 La Corrida de toros

Bull fighting is something that one must experience whilst in Spain. The fights at Alicante are held during Las Hogueras de San Juan in the second half of June.

10 Exposition Hall

Lonja del Pescado is a meeting point as well as the best exposition hall in the city, particularly if you are interested in art and artists.