Guide to Alicante Food

In Alicante, there is more than one way to enjoy life on the Mediterranean coast, but one of the most excellent experiences happens while savoring its authentic Spanish Mediterranean cuisine! Local food varieties are delectable and diverse. The sea supplies a grand array of provincial seafood. Of course, rice, olives and olive oil is main fare, but the nearby fertile valleys and mild climate offer a wide choice of fruits and vegetables like melons, cherries and grapes. Yes, grapes!! The Alicante province is vineyard country. Simplicity is luxurious in Alicante food!

So try the rich flavors of Alicante! For an idea of the options, here are a few local favorites:

Paella Alicantina

A colorful dish, saffron rice is served with red peppers, chicken and shellfish.

Arroz Con Costra

Rice by itself, or with black sausage, is hidden under a blanket of baked egg crust.

Calamares Rellenos

This preferred item is tasty stuffed squid.

Of course, wine right from the provincial vineyards is readily served as well as desert. There are many places to get locally made ice cream, nougat confections, and chocolate pastries for a sweet delight.

Alicante has so many superb restaurants for the ultimate in Mediterranean eating. Many offer the ever more popular Tapas bar, serving food the "Tapas way:" snack sampling from a delicious variety of small dishes. This trend in eating is excellent for socializing and spending less on food costs. And, just to tempt the appetite, here are a few restaurant picks:


Mediterranean foods at their finest! Katagorri has an outdoor terrace overlooking San Juan Beach. So, relax! Feel the sea breeze and share hot tapas here!

Entretapas y Vinos

A modern Spanish restaurant, Entretapas y Vinos offers a wide variety of fabulous meals from breakfast through the late dinner hours in a comfortable, air conditioned setting.

La Macana

Traditional Mediterranean cooking of juicy, tender meats with zesty gazpachos are delicious. And don't forget the homemade tart cheese desert!

Alicante is a city of intensely authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The seaside surroundings are the best in the world and so is the diet. Fresh foods and especially grapes from the rich agricultural area combined with rice, olives and seafood complete the great Spanish Mediterranean experience that is uniquely Alicante!