Exhibitions in Alicante

The beautiful city of Alicante is home to a variety of interesting exhibitions. Over 81,000 pieces of art are housed in the 9,000 square meters that make up the Provincial Archaeological Museum. These pieces cover the span of human history from the Stone Age up through the Middle Ages. The museum was named “European Museum of the Year” in 2004 and is a good place for the entire family to visit.

The Gravina Palace was constructed during the 17th and 18th centuries and is now home to the Gravina Fine Arts Museum. Some of the more prominent artists featured in the collection include Rodrigo de Osona and Xavier Soler. This museum focuses on art created between the Middle Ages and the early twentieth century. An auditorium hosts concerts on a regular basis. There is no admissions fee.

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For something different, visit Museo Taurino, Alicante’s Bullfighting Museum. This museum features a permanent display dedicated to some of the most famous bullfighters in Spanish history. A library and an exhibition lounge dedicated to bullfighting are also on the grounds. Regular talks and discussions are held about bullfighting.

Contemporary art lovers will want to visit the University of Alicante Museum, which specializes in this art form. The museum focuses on producing, documenting and conserving contemporary art. It also tries to diffuse new works with modernist forms of expression.

A second display of contemporary art can be found at the Museo de la Asegurada. This collection was donated by Eusebio Sempere and contains work from many Spanish artists, including Picasso, Juan Gris, Zobel and Joan Miro. A few foreign artists are also represented. Many different forms of art are on display, including sculptures, painting and lithographs.

Another archaeology-themed site for visitors is the Palacio de Altamira. This museum focuses on the history and archaeological findings around the ancient city of Elche. A number of these are interactive. Many historical objects are on display and there are workshops about various ancient civilizations. The museum is free on Sundays and charges a low admission fee the rest of the week.

The Nativity Scene Museum is home to a vast collection of nativity scenes from every corner of the planet. There is also a life-sized Nativity scene and a host of other displays centered around Christmas.

Finally, the municipal archives are held in an 18th century mansion and contain a number of important documents that relate to Alicante’s history, some of which go back to the 1200s. These include the charter Ferdinand II granted the city in 1490. There is also an extensive 19th century newspaper and photo archive. The most important exhibit in the museum, however, is the remains of a Roman necropolis that is more than 1400 years old.