Living History in Alicante

Alicante, Spain is a city located on the Southeastern coast of the country. As the capital of the province as the same name, Alicante is filled with culture and museums that are sure to quench anyone's thirst for a broader knowledge of history and art. The deep history of the surrounding areas of Alicante go back to when the area was occupied by ancient Roman and Greek settlers and troops. However, the earliest archaeological finds go as as the earliest humans and as late as 4000 B.C. You can find daily artifacts and art found at archaeological sites around the city at the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, an award winning museum that is housed in a cream like castle. The museum won the European museum of the year in 2004 and it is full of 8 galleries teeming with items that rival larger and more extensive collections found in cities like London or Paris. The museum also hosts artifacts from more modern times such as ceramics and bronzes that have been brought to the area. The Archaeological Museum of Alicante is a must see attraction when visiting this coastal city to get a better understanding of the local culture and history.

Another site that should not be missed is the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts open since 2001. It covers four floors in an 18th century building with works dedicated to art pieces in all mediums from local artists. They have a collection of 2000 pieces but they are only able to display around 500 at a time. The art ranges from sculpture to oils depicting pastoral scenes or city life that are indigenous to Alicante. The Gravina Museum of Fine Arts also hosts rotating temporary exhibits that frequently change to provide even more pleasure in addition the pieces that this museum hosts to see the local talent that has been produced as early as the 18th century.

If you are more interested in modern artists of the past century then head to the Asegurada Museum of Alciante. It has works from famed artists such as Picasso, Miro, Dalí, Kandinsky and many more that make the breadth of the fine collections found in this contemporary art museum.

No matter what your preference from ancient artifacts to modern art, there is a museum to suit your tastes in Alcicante. The city itself is a living museum itself from all the historical sites and archaeological digs found Alicante.