Alicante Weather Guide

Alicante, Spain is located between two capes with its back to a mountain range making it a well sheltered area that promotes beautiful weather year round. There is never any snow in Alicante as even on the coldest nights the temperatures rarely go below 6 degrees Celsius or 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunshine is prevalent making the area ideal for exploring on foot, bike or by rental car.

Winter months here are generally considered to be from November through April and the days are mainly dry with around six hours of daylight. Daytime temperatures for winter range from 13 degrees Celsius (55 Fahrenheit) to 19 Celsius (63 Fahrenheit), while nighttime temperatures are 6 Celsius (43 Fahrenheit) to 11 Celsius (52 Fahrenheit).

Temperatures are comfortable for sunbathing from May to October with swimming being best from June to October. The sea temperatures are at their warmest from July to September. There is a little bit of humidity in high summer which is during the months of July and August when the temperatures are at their highest but a constant sea breeze helps during these hotter months. Temperatures in May and June range from 14 Celsius (57 Fahrenheit) to 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) with July and August temperatures being 21 Celsius (70 Fahrenheit) to 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). There is about 12 hours of sunlight during the summer months which is perfect for long days on the beach or exploring.

The amount of rainfall is at its lowest in the month of July with the normal precipitation being about 27 millimeters or 1 inch. October shows the most amount of rainfall with averages of 86 millimeters (3.4 inches). The coldest month for sea temperatures is February at 13 Celsius (55 Fahrenheit) while the sea is at its warmest in August with temperatures of 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). Daylight hours are at their fewest during the month of December with the month of July having the longest amount of sunlight.

While the climate here is usually very comfortable, please remember that the above information is based on averages and that some fluctuations may occur. For instance, during the months of July and August it is apt to be much warmer at the midday than is listed, so pack accordingly and always be prepared for variations in the weather and temperatures in order to ensure a pleasant visit.