A Guide to Alicante Night Life

Alicante, Spain is a lovely city that is walkable to the nightlife districts from the train station and central accommodation district. Some of the funkiest music can be heard from the nightclubs or "discotecas" to satisfy your need for entertainment. The Port area is where the more modern and trendy bars and pubs can be found and are open until sun-up. In the old quarter or "el barrio" area, the bars and pubs are open until about 3am, and are well-known because there is an overwhelming number of them. There are those considered more popular than others by the crowd that packs in up to the wee hours. It is not uncommon to see people out at 2-4am-more than in the daytime!

alicante night life

In the summer, Alicante nightlife is exciting and vibrant with parties lasting until deep in the night to dawn. You can also enjoy a pleasing meal up to about 9 or 10pm. The Esplanada area is known for its elegant dance clubs, discos and fine dining. However, one of their cheaper tapas bars is Mesón de Labradores, with its lively and fun atmosphere. The Paradis and Ovuca Clubs are the favorites for listening to music and dancing. Even the most relaxing cafes transform into crowded clubs each night. Summer nightlife also brings into the scene
"chiringuitos" (kiosks) to the beaches of San Juan and Postiguet. Several luxury restaurants, taverns and cinemas are found on surrounding streets.

A brief trip on the tram will take you to the beautiful beaches of San Juan, where you can choose from a variety of summer bars and restaurants. For a change of paste, enjoy stage presentations, the opera and ballet. Visit Alicante's large theatre called the Teatro Principal. The all night tram or "trensnochador" will lead you to incredible shows and clubs. The daylight ushers in a more relaxing set for chit chat, where you can listen to live latin or jazz music at the many pubs and bars.

Fun at night is great year round in Alicante's mild climate. All night dancing, music and lights can be enjoyed at any of the main nightclubs. The Pacha Explanada, Discoteca Z Klub, Di roma, Discoteca Limusin, the Wilson and 37 grados are just a few. Consult the wine lists at La Marina and Vinalopó. They are very good and deserving of a taste. If beer suits you better, a taste of old fashioned beer from the tap is great at Saffy's Sports Bar on Edif Mar or JDs at the Plaza San Pedro.

Several varieties of music is heard throughout the nightlife district of Alicante. Mixtures of jazz, latin, flemenco and even some rock music, belts out of the bars and pubs as you walk by. You will see many people dancing to music that serves up a fantastic vibe.

So, visit Alicante for the best in exciting nightlife...you won't regret it!