A Guide to Alicante Hotels

If you are traveling to Alicante, Spain, there are many hotels to choose from. Before choosing a hotel, you need to decide what type of place you are looking for and what your budget is. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, and whether you are looking for a place to stay near the beach or near the downtown area, the perfect hotel is waiting for you in Alicante.

The Melia Hotel Alicante is a great choice for those visitors who are hoping to see lots of the harbor along the Costa Blanca. This hotel sits right near the water, with a breathtaking view. It is also close enough to the city center to be able to easily visit the sights that the city has to offer. The Melia Hotel Alicante has large facilities available for conferences and meetings for business travelers.

If you are more of a town person, the Tryp Gran Sol Hotel Alicante may be for you. This hotel is the tallest building in downtown Alicante, and has an amazing restaurant right on the roof, which is the twenty-sixth level of the building. Because there are no skyscrapers near it, the view from the roof is incredible. For those who love the city life, the location of this hotel is perfect. You are right in downtown to take part in the nightlife there. For those who are in Alicante for business, this hotel has a business center and wireless internet available.

Visitors traveling to Alicante for pleasure may be looking for a cheaper place to stay. The Albahia Hotel Alicante is a good option for those hoping to have a good time while not spending a lot of money. It is a popular hotel because it overlooks the beach. With a weight room, tennis courts, and an amazing Mediterranean cuisine, this hotel has a lot to offer for a price that pleases visitors.

Whatever it is you are looking for on your Alicante vacation or business trip, there is a hotel to suit your needs. Figure out what you need and one of the hotels in Alicante will accommodate you.