Alicante cinema

Do you love watching movies while touring the grand city of Alicante? Alicante has been known as a
great mystique city of entertainment and culture with its white sand or the Casa Blanca orchestrating
the mode of the city tourism. In a glance, Alicante is more than a city of pride, but a city you should not
miss visiting.

If you are visiting Alicante for the first time, it would be great to get a car rental service that can help
tour the city and its grand cinemas scattered around city to suit your entertainment and adventure. If
you are renting a car without the driver to help you, read on the article on Alicante cinemas guide.

Teatro Principal. Located in Piza. Ruperta Chapi, Teatro Principal is the best venue if you want to
watch Spanish arias in the concert halls. You can watch the Spanish opera and drama live in the Teatro
Principal. Teatro Principal should be first in the Alicante cinemas guide because of its long line of history
spread throughout its 160 years of service to Alicante residents and the tourist of the city visiting the
Casa Blanca. Moreover, during festivities of the city you can watch shows in the Teatro.

Teatro Arniches. Teatro Arniches stands second in the Alicante cinemas guide, not because of the
entertainment impact it has on the city. Arniches is best known to have great architectural designs and
beauty admired by tourists and residents alike. It is located in Avda Aguilera inside the city urban area.

Cine ABC Gran Via. Of all theaters included in the Alicante cinemas guide, Cine ABC Gran Via is
considered the state-of-the art theater. It uses nine DOLBY imaging and sound system to help audiences
get international and local movies at best. Cine ABC Gran Via is the Alicante branch of the hundred
branches of ABC theaters spread across the region of Spain.

Cines Ana. Considered as the twin of the Alicante cinemas guide, Cines Ana has two branches in the
city – one in San Juan de Alicante area and the other in Medico Pascual Perez. If you want to watch the
latest international movie that you missed while vacationing in Casa Blanca, it would be great to screen
that movie in Cines Ana. Both branches offer same movie views with considerable quality in both sound
and imagery.

CINEBOX Plaza Mar 2. If so happen that while touring the city or the province with the car that you
rented, you just want to have a party blast, you can get CINEBOX to help you. CINEBOX has 16 rooms
that can cater games, birthdays, parties and other celebrations for entertainment. The city is waterfront
and you can easily get a fresh air after watching movies or after playing games in its great capacity of 2800 seats.

Cine Navas. If you want to support independent movies and films, watch one in Cine Navas. The single
theater cinema offers best for tourist and locals of the city and province.