A Guide to Alicante Beaches

Alicante has a variety of beaches for you to choose from when on vacation. Here is a selection of beaches for you to choose from while on vacation.

Alicante beaches

Playa del Postiguet is located in Alicante and offers one of the most gorgeous beaches available. Here you will enjoy the modern bars who offer a number of refreshments as well as food. Lined by palm trees, the crystal clear water is well known for being the cleanest of all the local beaches. During the summer months, the beaches can be their busiest and especially on Sunday’s.

Playa del Coco is the location that the fishermen would use to catch all their local fish. Here you can still find a quiet spot on the local harbour which is small to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. If your looking for a spot to stroll down the beach at, this might be the beach that you want to visit.

Playa de la Albufereta is north of the city and offers you a small piece of history. The name of this beach derives from the lake that once sat here. The harbour would serve the Roman village known as Lucentum which was the origin of Alicante.

Playa de la Almadraba is a nice cozy beach that is not as busy as most of the other beaches. This beach is not as busy with tourists as the other beaches but offers the perfect location for water sports and for those who are looking for a swim. Take a moment to sit back and watch the waves splashing on the shore.

Cabo de las Huertas is known for being a rugged coastline that has a number of coves for you to visit. However; all of the coves are difficult to arrive to which makes them more appealing to those visiting the area. If you are looking to achieve a tan all over, you may choose to visit the 2 nudist coves known as Cala Palmera and Cala Cantelalares. Either of these 2 places will leave you feeling spoiled once your vacation comes to an end.

Playa de San Juan is easily accessible to visitors by arriving by tram. The sand is beautiful and is sandy white which is considered as the finest in all of Spain. For those individuals who are looking for a place to golf while on vacation, you may choose to visit the 18 hole golf course. The beach doesn’t offer all that you may be used to for a beach but does offer a small selection of restaurants and bars that you can sit back and enjoy some food while on your trip.