Alicante Attractions

Alicante is part of the Spanish community of Valencia and has been, throughout time, a strategic and important seaport on the Mediterranean Sea. Greek and Phoenician traders plied these waters over 3000 years ago and established settlements along the Iberian coast. For centuries, the region of Alicante was a major trading station that survived off agriculture. Oranges, rice, almonds, olives and grapes thrived in the perfect climate, sheep were raise for wool and the area was known for its talented artisans. Today, Alicante is a major tourist destination with visitors being drawn by the beautiful scenery, white sand beaches and perfect Mediterranean weather.

The Alicante airport is the sixth busiest in Spain and receives direct flights from all the major cities of Europe, Asia, the USA and South America. Long-range trains run frequently to and from Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Alicante has a tram system that connects the city to the beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca and a ferry service transports visitors to the Balearic Islands and Algeria

For those travelers enchanted by ancient architecture and a view back in time, Alicante hosts a stunning variety of castles and palaces. Located at the top of Mount Benacantil is the Castle of Santa Barbara, a medieval fortress that offers panoramic views of the city. Iglesia de Santa Maria, St. Mary’s church, is a major attraction, built in a 14th century gothic style and hosts a collection of art and a rich baroque interior. Beautiful parks are scattered throughout the city, some complete with waterfalls and lakes. The island of Tabarca lies 18 miles off shore; it has a luxurious marina and a marine preserve ideal for scuba diving.

Hotels, resorts and spas are many and varied in Alicante and there is something for everyone’s budget. The majority of accommodations are located on the beach or in close proximity. Some hotels offer world-class golf courses, health spas, excursions and restaurants with exquisite local and international cuisine. For those that thrive on watersports, endless activities are available. Jetskis, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding scuba diving and snorkeling are just a few of the many aquatic opportunities.

The beaches are full daily with sun worshippers from all over the world and the nightlife in Alicante is ongoing from dusk until dawn. Tapa bars, dance halls, sports bars and pubs hosting the locals have an ongoing beat of Spanish, African and rock and roll music.