Alicante Airport

The Alicante International Airport has a variety of features that many travelers will find useful during their time of travel. There are a variety of rooms and amenities that are in place to accommodate those that are in transit.

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There are spacious parking areas for long and short term parking that can provide parking lots for up to 2,000 vehicles. If someone drives you to the airport there is no need to buy a parking ticket, as their is a drop zone to the right of the main terminal building.

Travelers that fly into the Alicante will be delighted to know that there are multiple forms of transportation available upon their arrival. There are buses, taxi, and rental car services available at the Alicante.

Travelers that have time to spare will find a host of shops and restaurants to consume their time while they wait. There are music, book, shoe, and gift shops that are available for users that are leaving or entering Alicante. This is a great way to spend time while you wait to depart to your destination. Well known fast food establishments like Burger King will help you fulfill your hunger needs as you make your way through one of Spain's busiest airports.

Business leaders will also be glad to know that there are conference rooms and business facilities that can provide seating for up to 150 people. There are also ATMs and a post office to help travelers carry out other tasks without leaving the airport. These added amenities save travelers lots of time, and it brings a heightened level of pleasure to travelers.

Travelers have an additional assurance that there is a recovery process for lost bags that are found within the airport. No luggage is left at Alicante. Everything that is lost goes to an office that is designated for lost bags. Lost luggage can be retrieved at these destinations.

There are also disabled facilities that are designed to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities. These ramps and lifts are marked clearly with signs to indicate their location. Wheelchairs can also be provided for disabled travelers upon request.

The airport is just 5 miles from Alicante so travelers that will have no problem making it into the city if Alicante is their final destination. They are multiple rental car services that can assist travelers that are in need of a rental car once they have entered the Alicante Airport.

There are two information desks provided for travelers that are unfamiliar with Alicante. The Aena information booths are conveniently located in the check in and departures areas. There is also an information booth for tourists that are seeking guidance while they are in the area. These areas help you navigate through the Alicante airport with ease.